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We are a community-based organization whose founding purpose  is to represent and advocate for the interests of concerned neighbors of the Mogollon Rim who seek to preserve and protect the scenic and natural beauty, fish and wildlife, ecological, and other natural resource values of the Mogollon Rim area, particularly in its public lands managed by the U.S. Forest Service.   

Our main goal is to preserve the health of these lands and streams under the Mogollon Rim for present and future hunters, fishermen, campers and recreationists consistent with the Tonto National Forest Plan. We ourselves are hunters and fishermen, and campers.  

The Issue



Environmental Impact

Many people from the Phoenix area enjoy camping in the Rim area.  During mid-summer, the designated campgrounds are all full and even more folks end up camping in Tonto National Forest lands.   It would be during this heavy use period that the Forest Service will allow the Bar X cattle in.  The Phoenix area has nearly doubled in population from the time the Tonto Plan was adopted in 1985, and is projected to grow from 4.3 million (2016) to 6.3 million by 2030.  This will only increase pressure for recreational opportunities.  The introduction of cattle in the closed Colcord pasture will  degrade already "at-risk" water quality, compete directly with wildlife for limited forage, and negatively impact those who camp, hike, fish or enjoy wilderness experiences.  

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